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About us


GAJES is a Dutch streetfashion brand and started with a love for headwear. In the beginning there was a big dream and passion which continued in an ultimate drive to inspire people in this dynamic time. There is nothing more beautiful than having a passionate life and doing what you love the most. GAJES mainly moves in the "urbanjungle", which is the melting pot of cultures, opportunities and threats. Break through barriers to achieve what's important in YOUR life.

We are GAJES, we break thru!

"We are GAJES, by name and reputation. We are pigheaded, contradictory and sometimes provocative. That's because we believe in who we are and what we do. We are always going our own way, chase our dreams and let us top by nothing or no one. We have respect for those who deserve it and we don't care about the rest. Our independence and courage reflect in our designs. Every item in the GAJES collection is created with passion, creativity and in good quality... So you can rock your world and level to the max!"