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Collabs and Creating your own!

We like to work together on new projects.

This can be a collaboration with GAJES, but also the development of your own product!

GAJESWEAR has strong production partners in the fashion world, with a focus on the right design in high quality. We can customize your product not only in the field of headwear, but also in footwear and apparel. As a private label specialist, we work tailor-made with your brand identity central.

Do you want a customized version of a GAJES product or do you want help from a driven team so that you can create your own brand or design?

We are happy to help you, because we know the struggle to build your own brand professionally without having to make concessions on the product and your brand image!

What can we offer:

* high Quality
* unique items
* large and enthusiastic network
* customization without concessions
* personal co-operation

Email us at [email protected] or contact our customer service.